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Why Thermal?

There is a lot of Git graphical user interfaces out there; why should you spend your time learning about and using Thermal?

Tools like GitHub Desktop and SourceTree offer convenience but only limited extensibility, but there aren't any other graphical interface providing extreme flexibility approachable.

We think we can do better. Our goal is a zero-compromise combination of hackability and usability: a Git graphical user interface that will be welcoming to an elementary school student on their first day learning to code, but also a tool they won't outgrow as they develop into seasoned hackers.

As we've used Thermal to build Thermal, what began as an experiment has gradually matured into a tool we can't live without. On the surface, Thermal is the modern desktop tool you've come to expect.

An Open-Source Tool

We see Thermal as a perfect complement to CodeCarrot's mission of building software for the modern generation of developers by working together. Thermal is a long-term investment, and CodeCarrot will continue to support its development with a dedicated team going forward. But we also know that we can't achieve our vision for Thermal alone. As other open-source programming languages have demonstrated over the past decades, if you want to build a thriving, long-lasting open source community, it has to be open source.

The entire Thermal application is a free and open-source and is available under the organization.

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