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Pair programming

Book a session with me and work on new crazy idea.

Thermal offers a free pair programming sessions to the community if there's something you'd like to work on together. Get in touch with us if you have a question about contributing or an idea for something to pair on!

The best part of open source is the community, and every community is stronger when it works together. To help build the strongest community possible, Thermal is offering free one-hour pair programming sessions to anyone and everyone in the open source community.

We use Discord ( for pair programming. If you’ve never used it, please allow 5 minutes before the meeting to install Discord.

How community pair programming sessions work?

  1. Sign up for any available slot on the open pairing calendar
  2. You’ll be paired with one of the core team of Thermal
  3. Join the video meeting during your time slot
  4. Build, learn, or discuss!

What we expect in pair programming sessions

These sessions are intended for people who would like to work on an issue or pull request related to Thermal.

We also expect the following from pair programming participants:

  • If you have a specific goal for the session, that’s helpful, but we can also choose an open issue to tackle if you’re not sure where to start
  • All participants are expected to adhere to Thermal code of conduct
  • We will ask if it’s okay to record our session; you are not required to let us record
  • If the session is recorded, we may post the recording on CodeCarrot YouTube Channel

How to sign up?

We allow booking up to 60 days in advance, and spots tend to fill up fast. If we’re all booked up today, check back tomorrow for the next batch of spots.

Reserve your spot today and let’s build something amazing together!

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