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User interface overview

Here's a quick overview with 8 of the most important views in Thermal.

Here's a quick overview with few of the most important views in Thermal application.

Application screenshot

It's here where you get an overview of modified files, commit changes, inspect previous commits, stashes, remote repositories and much more.

Commit details


On the left side, you get an overview of any currently modified files.

Repository workspace

Other features (coming soon)


This toolbar is the main controller of the repository, on the left side, we have option to commit, pull, push, and fetch, on the opposite side, you can open the current select repository in terminal and explorer. Also change the settings of the repository and switch to another repository.

Repository toolbar

Do you know, you can toggle feature like Commit and Remote from repository settings.

Thermal's sidebar controls which aspect of a repository you're looking at or working with: simple select an item to get detailed information on the right.

Repository sidebar

Other features (coming soon)


The History provides an overview of the repository's commit log. When a specific commit is selected on the left, it shows your commit meta data.

And on the right side you can preivew the detailed changes of the file.

Repository commit history


Update the name of the repository, toggle repository specific features like, commit and remote.

Repository settings


Commit feature allows to commit changes git commit -a.


Toggle features like pull, push and fetch.

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