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April 18, 2019 (version 0.0.1)



💡 Features

Thermal on Linux

Now you can run Thermal application on your Linux operating system.

Profile page

A profile page gives you options to create your own profile by adding a picture, name, and email.

Prfile settings page

Drag and drop folders

Manually adding all those repositories is really hard, just to make it easy we added an option to drag and drop multiple folders at once.

Drag and drop repositories

Information page

Showing the information about the application, from build to node version.

Information page

Save repository locally

Your local added repositories now will be saved inside a localStorage so that you don't have to add them again and again.

Cache locally added repository

Text editor in CWD

Open your preferred text editor directly from the application inside the selected repository.

Open text editor in current working directory

Folder picker

Adding folder picker allows you to pick any folder from any location with a click of a select button.

Folder picker to add local repository

Open explorer in CWD

Open the selected workspace in file explorer with a click of a button.

Open explorer in current working directory

Open Terminal in CWD

Just like explorer you can also open terminal of a selected workspace.

Open terminal in current working directory

⚙ Improvements

Welcome page

Want quick access to welcome page, just go to welcome page from the menubar.

Scroll to commit information

Add a custom scrollbar to commit information panel.

Toggle full screen

Adding an option in the menubar to toggle full-screen view.

🐞 Bug Fixes

Dev-tools opens automatically

Preventing from dev-tools to open automatically on launching the application.

Hidden repository list from scroll

Due to the spacing problem around the repository list, it was a causing problem to the scroll.

Commit button enabled without selecting any file

👨🏻‍💻 Codebase

Integrate sentry releases

With the integration of sentry release, it knows from which release the event report came from.

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