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Why you should contribute to Thermal?
Posted July 30, 2019
Yashu Mittal

Yashu Mittal

Hey open-source enthusiastic 👋🏻,

Are you looking for contributing to a new open source project? Or want to get started with UI technologies like Node.js or SQLite?

We are developing Thermal git graphical user interface; a free, open-source, cross-platform, desktop application, and would love to count on you as a contributor to improve our application 🙏.

The reason you should contribute to Thermal is because of its wide range of technical aspects.

Contributions to Thermal is not just limited to a single language or technology, it is ⚡ powered by different tools and languages.

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Get started

As the project size grows with each passing day, you might ask yourself, where to get started 🤔? and that a very common question for every newcomer.

There are many ways you can get started, by writing code, logging bugs, submitting pull requests, reporting issues, creating suggestions, testing the application, improving documentation/blog/release notes, spreading a word.

But before that, I suggest you download the application, give it a test drive it will help you to understand, how the application works.

Here's a list of issues and PR with the label good first issue

List of issue with label good first issue in Thermal GitHub repository

Pair programming

We also offer 💻 pair programming sessions to the newcomers and community members, if there's something you'd like to work on together.

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The best part of open source is the community, and every community is stronger when it works together. To help build the strongest community possible, Thermal is offering one-hour pair programming sessions to anyone and everyone in the open-source community.

Want to do a pair programming, ask questions or just chit-chat 😎, hit a message in Thermal Discord Server.

Happy commits 😉

Yashu Mittal