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Posted May 30, 2019
Yashu Mittal

Yashu Mittal

- 9 min read

Hello, 👋🏻

I am building a free and open source developer tool called Thermal.

Thermal GitHub repository

Thermal is a desktop application allows you to manage all Git repository at one place by providing you a simple to use graphic user interface with built-in features stats, history, diff preview, repository settings and more.

Main features of Thermal application

Few stats to show the number of downloads for Windows, Mac, and Linux platform.

Thermal app download stats of May 30, 2019

MacOS downloads are low since it was released with v0.0.2.

You are most welcome 🙏🏻, to download the application and share your feedback in Thermal Discord community.

Even though I am just getting started with it, there are a lot more features planned and yet to build and it can't be done without your help. Becoming my sponsor will help me a lot by keeping my ☕coffee mug full and encouraging me more that someone got my back 😉.

There are few perks for each sponsorship tier, let me know if you have any questions regarding the same.

Thermal sponsor peaks

You can post questions in the comment section below or DM me on Discord Yashu Mittal#1475.

Again, you can become a sponsor from

Thank you so much for reading until the end.